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Welcome To Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd

Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd. (EEIPL) is a subsidiary of Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd., Australia, a diversified clean energy company listed on the Australian Security Exchange(ASX). Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd. (Eden) has interests in Hydrogen production, storage & transport fuel systems, including the low emission Hythane (Hydrogen-Methane) blend; coal bed methane and shale gas; and in carbon nano-tube and carbon nano-fibre production. Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd is also the parent company of the Eden Innovations LLC, USA, (Formerly known as Hythane Co. LLC, USA) who patented Hythane Fuel and developed OptiBlend™ kit system.

All these aspects of Eden's business are part of an integrated strategy to become a major global participant in the alternate energy market, particularly focusing on the clean energy transport market, producing hydrogen without any carbon emissions, transporting the hydrogen to markets and providing the engines to power hydrogen based transport and energy solutions.

EEIPL is its Indian arm through which, the Eden group sell the products/ technology / services of the Eden Group & seek to provide the group a strong base from which it can rapidly expand its operations throughout India and the other Asian countries.

Our sister concern, Eden Innovations LLC, USA has an Engineering, Research, and Development center in Littleton, Colorado. Eden Innovations LLC was officially founded in 2005, but has roots as far back as 1989 as Hydrogen Components Incorporated(HCI).

Our main technologies include

1. OptiBlend™ systems, which converts diesel generator sets to run on dual fuels/ bi fuel (i.e. displacing diesel up to 70% with natural gas or any other alternate fuels) providing substantial operational savings, emissions reduction, and increase backup capacity.

2. Hythane® Fuel (sometimes referred to as HCNG fuel), which is a blend of hydrogen and natural gas that yields dramatic emission reduction benefits while optimizing hydrogen as a fuel supplement.

3. Carbon Nano-materials, which when added improves mechanical and electrical properties of materials.

We are always coming up with new and innovative ideas on how to make our world a cleaner place, while remembering that sound economics are necessary to implement our ideas into the real world.

Eden India clientele includes World's largest tea producer-McLeod Russel India Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Ltd.-Heavy Engineering Division, Escorts Ltd., Parle biscuits & Sabharwal foods (A franchise of Britannia foods) to name a few.

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