Carbon Nanotubes & Nanofibers (CNT/CNF)

Through pyrolysis process for producing hydrogen, our sister concern company, Eden Innovations LLC, USA has arrived upon some very valuable byproducts namely Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and Carbon Nanofibers (CNF). The uses of this Nanomaterial are endless, giving them great value. Eden India wants to market the Nanomaterial to use it for its applications in different areas like conductive paints, conductive plastics, thermoplastics, cement & RCC, Li-Ion batteries etc.

Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd has also developed an admixture for concrete through their extensive research and development. It is named EdenCrete™ admixture.

EdenCrete™ is Eden’s 100% owned, proprietary carbon-strengthened concrete additive, one of the primary target markets for which is improving the performance of concrete used in the construction and maintenance of concrete roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Additionally, it has potential for use in a range of other applications including high-rise building construction, marine and coastal applications, water storage and pipelines, and pre-fabricated concrete structures and products.

This admixture significantly improves tensile and flexural strength of concrete. It has been proven in both lab and field tests to offer these strength advantages without compromising on compressive strength, permeability, or corrosion resistance. Here is some typical data from one of its application.

A field trial of EdenCrete™ enriched concrete was undertaken on the Interstate Highway I-20 in Augusta near the border between Georgia and South Carolina. This field trial involved the pouring of an additional 14 cubic yard concrete slab that abuts the first slab that was laid with EdenCrete™ enriched concrete in the first field trial on 11August 2015 as part of a planned maintenance programme on I-20 (see Figures 1 and 2).

Recently 56 day laboratory results from Second GDOT field trials on I-20 were announced. It shows:

• 32% IMPROVEMENT in COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH (See figure 1 & 2 below) and

• 56% REDUCTION in DEPTH OF WEAR from ABRASION (See figure 3 below)


Depth of Wear Tests at 56 Days

Separate independent laboratory tests were carried out in Colorado of the comparative rate of the depth of wear that occurred
in 56 day old concrete test cylinders that were also made in Georgia with the identical concrete used in the I-20 field trials.

EdenCrete™ data is shown as “ARM” in the legend.

These accelerated abrasion tests, carried out in accordance with AS™ standard C779 showed a very impressive 56% reduction in the depth of wear in the concrete that had been enriched with EdenCrete™.

This proves that EdenCrete™ has the potential of superior performance and commercial benefits for its use on future highway (and other infrastructure), its maintenance and construction programmes.

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