OptiBlend™ System

OptiBlend™ System

The OptiBlend™ System from Eden Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative retrofit technology developed for a wide range of diesel engine application. It is installed on many high speed diesel genset having four stroke engine. This economical kit displaces diesel with natural gas or other alternative fuels, without modifications to the internal components or the stock fuel management system. It dramatically lowers operational cost, increases back up runtime, reduces emissions, and extends engine life.

The OptiBlend™ System from Eden Innovations India Pvt.Ltd. provides a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative fueling option. The alternate fuel reduces CO2, reduces NOx emissions and dramatically increases back up duration.

Eden Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. tunes the engine across the entire load range for optimized emission benefits and cost saving without compromising engine performance or safety & with adequate engine damage protection. The OptiBlend™ kit will shut off the gas if the genset runs out of diesel fuel or if the gas supply is interrupted.


  • Installation of an OptiBlend™ System by Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd. offers numerous technical advantages, many of which are not found in other dual fuel systems.

  •  The OptiBlend™ System uses a dynamic gas control system that offers optimized displacement at multiple loads.

  •  No internal engine modifications required.

  •  Engine type, engine behavior, engine load and gas quality are major factors that decides diesel fuel displacement. In general, it can safely displace 50-70 % of diesel fuel used.

  •  Maintains engine power equivalent to 100% diesel operation (No-derating).

  •  Fast response time (in milliseconds) to changing engine conditions, enabling handling large jerk loads and block loads.

  •  In the event of loss of gas supply or other system fault, the OptiBlend™ System allows the generator to revert back to 100% diesel operation.

  •  Successfully installed on engine rating from 150kW to 2.5 MW.

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Heavy Duty OptiBlend™ kit

Heavy Duty OptiBlend™ kit

We also have Heavy Duty (HD) OptiBlend™ kit to withstand extreme conditions including harsh weather conditions and vibrations. The HD OptiBlend™ kit can be used for electrical power generation on drilling rigs, stationery generators and mobile hydraulic fracturing pumps used at the Oil & Gas exploration sites.

Considering the extreme cold temperatures in some areas, we have also designed OptiBlend™ kit with cold weather option.

The OptiBlend™ cold weather option allows operation in temperatures as low as -40 degree Celsius. In this case jacketed gas train components are used to resist the extreme temperatures. The photograph of the same is shown on the left.

Standard Duty(SD) Kit   Heavy duty(HD) Kit
Dynamic Response
< 20 ms Reaction Time
Ability to Adjust for Gas Quality
Field proven performance
Ideal for heavy vibration
Cold weather kit option
Harsh Weather Condition
Stainless steel control box

Performance ReportS

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