OptiBlend™ FAQ

Q: Will my engine lose power if I install an OptiBlend?

A: No, installation of an OptiBlend does not alter the power output of the engine.

Q: Will the durability or longevity of the engine be affected?

A: No, in fact, because natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel than diesel, you can expect less buildup of carbon in the engine.

Q: How will this affect warranty?

A: Eden India offers a warranty with all systems it installs that covers any damage done to the engine by our system. Outside of that, the existing warranty is unaffected.

Q: What happens if there is an interruption in the natural gas supply?

A: Because there is no modification to the OEM controls, the generator set is able to revert back to running on 100% diesel without interruption of power if there is ever a loss of natural gas.

Q: Can the OptiBlend handle fast, substantial changes in power requirements to the generator set?

A: Yes, because the system has dynamic control, it operates flawlessly with any sudden change in power requirements.

Q: Can the OptiBlend operate on lower quality gas?

A: Yes, the OptiBlend is capable of displacing diesel with Lower Quality gas.

Q: Which type of fuels can be used to displace diesel in OptiBlend kit?

A: Pipeline gas with a high concentration of methane and low overall concentration of heavier hydrocarbon gases are recommended. Lower quality gases like biogas, sewage waste gas,syn gas etc. can also be used with this kit.

Q: For what size of engines, the OptiBlend kit can be installed?

A: The OptiBlend kit has been designed for constant engine speed applications as low as 150 KW up to 2.5 MW.