dual fuel engine

OptiBlend™ System

The OptiBlend™ System from Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd. is an innovative retrofit technology developed for a wide range of diesel engine application. It is installed on many high speed diesel genset having four stroke engine. This economical kit displaces diesel with natural gas or other alternative fuels, without modifications to the internal components or the stock fuel management system. It dramatically lowers operational cost, increases back up runtime, reduces emissions, and extends engine life.

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Dual fuel generator

Heavy Duty OptiBlend™ Kit

We also have Heavy Duty (HD) OptiBlend™ kit to withstand extreme conditions including harsh weather conditions and vibrations. The HD OptiBlend™ kit can be used for electrical power generation on drilling rigs, stationery generators and mobile hydraulic fracturing pumps used at the Oil & Gas exploration sites.

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Hythane® - The Transitional Fual

  • Hythane® = The Premium Blend of Natural Gas H2 + CH4 --» Hythane
  • Hythane is low-cost, premium blend of Hydrogen and Natural Gas: 5-7% H2 by energy; 20% H2 by volume.
  • Existing CNG vehicles can easily be converted to operate on Hythane by only software changes in engine.

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Carbon Nanotubes & Nanofibers (CNT/CNF)

Through our efforts to find a more efficient way to produce hydrogen, Our sister concern company, Eden Innovations LLC, USA has arrived upon some very valuable byproducts. Namely, Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofibers. The use of these nanomaterials are endless, giving them great value. Eden India is marketing the nanomaterial to use it for different applications like conductive paints, conductive plastics, thermoplastics, cement & RCC, Li-Ion batteries etc.

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